About the MRTMA

The MRTMA is a coalition of organizational and individual members interested in a sustainable transportation future for the Monadnock Region. The MRTMA recognizes the broad impacts that our transportation system has on us as individuals and as communities - everything from our jobs to our cost of living to our health.

Given transportation's prominent role in our daily lives, the MRTMA believes a diverse coalition of government, businesses, non-profit and other groups are essential for addressing these transportation challenges.  In order to address these challenges, the purpose of the MRTMA is to be a forum and structural framework to:

  • Build consensus on transportation needs and solutions;

  • Foster the development of local and regional partnerships on transportation initiatives;

  • Provide information about regional and statewide sustainable transportation initiatives;

  • Help individuals and groups locate support for sustainable transportation projects;

  • Connect stakeholders with funding resources and technical assistance services; and,

  • Advocate and educate about sustainable transportation benefits.


The MRTMA and this website were created by the hard work and perseverance of the former Travel Demand Management Advocacy Group for Keene and Beyond.  This group, which officially formed in 2006, worked to build the foundation for a regional Transporation Management Association.  

In 2009, the group received a grant from the NH Charitable Foundation to promote travel demand management, which led, in part, to the creation of this website.  In November of 2010, with support from both the NH Endowment for Health and NH Charitable Foundation, the group held the Monadnock TranSymposium, which helped launch the creation of the MRTMA. 


To learn more about Travel Demand Management and the transportation needs of the Monadnock Region visit: “TDM in the Monadnock Region”

Member Groups and Support Organizations

Antioch University New England*

Clean Air Cool Planet

Cheshire Medical Center*

City of Keene*

Contoocook Valley Transportation Company*

Endowment for Health

Filtrine Corp*

Greater Keene Chamber of Commerce

Hannah Grimes*

Home Healthcare, Hospice, and Community Services*

Keene State College*

Monadnock Conservancy*

NH Charitable Foundation

NH Department of Environmental Services

NH Department of Transportation

Pathways for Keene*

Southwest Region Planning Commission*

The Keene Transition Movement*

Town of Swanzey*

Windham Region Planning Commission


* Member Groups



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